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Introduction to Jousane Research !

Updated: Feb 10

“It is not that I'm so smart. But I stay with the questions much longer.” says Albert Einstein

Hope you have dreams that doesn't give you a peaceful sleep. How to achieve this dreams and derive this in a better way...If you are a dreamer, researcher by passion and a questioning person to explore the things.. This portal is developed for you. I am very much happy to introduce Jousane Research portal after long backend works. We at Jousane Analytics which is an IoT consultation portal developing the specifically developed on the stream of IoT solutions development. With backend expertise of IoT solution architecting and research expertise we develop the solutions for various use cases like energy management, CNC machine monitoring, Battery management, AI algorithm development for social distancing and contact tracing and custom software designing that solves the specific use-case problem.

We on the growing trends see all the technical developments are happening around us and being a consumer for a longtime. Being a high quantity of PhD scholars country we being a consumer and not making impact in the society is embarrassing. Lets make the change !! Being a solutions provider we are exploring the problem statements that's observed among the Industries. I wanted the bigger WE to solve the specific use-cases with technical expertise. I need you to be with us on identifying the problem statement, Deriving the solutions and Developing the solutions to solve the problem statement, YES !! This research portal helps in achieving this mission.

The process of our portal is getting better day by day. If you would like to be with us as a research consultant on IoT solutions, you might be requiring a certain expertise on interpreting the problem statement, solution development and ofcourse working on the solution that's been finalized.

Are you ready to travel with us?

Join your hands by signing the form here, attaching your portfolio and follow the steps. We are open to work on your Ideas and Develop your research to the next extend along with you. I would like to inform we are not Project development center which we see near to our home. Its a Research consultation firm where ideas are derived and implementation is done together. We engaged with expertise in various fields of research like signal processing, AI and ML developments, communication systems and other subjects that contributes to IoT solutions.

A warm welcome to all lets connect, explore and develop the strategies that enhances our Society in IoT space

Best Wishes

Jousane Team.

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